What do I need to do after a treatment? 
Drink plenty of water, let yourself rest and heal. Occasionally, you may feel sore during or following a treatment. This is normal! Your body is adjusting to treatment and is getting used to moving and functioning properly again.
Is osteopathy the same as massage therapy?
No. Osteopathy does not believe in using harsh or protocol-driven treatment of the tissues. The osteopathic practionioner reasons why muscles get tight and sore, and the works to correct the underlying structural imbalances causing the problem. However, many osteopathic practitioners do often support the use of massage and feel it is a useful adjunct to osteopathic treatment when it is applied properly at the right time and in the correct manner.
Is osteopathy the same as chiropracy?
No. Osteopathy does not believe in using aggresive manual manipulations to bones, joints, or tissues. Osteopathic practioners apply principles and techniques that are gentle, adjustive to the body's framework and suited for everyone. Osteopathic practitioners work diligently to balance the whole human structure using their understanding of applied anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology, which is unique to osteopathy.
Is ostepathy the same as physiotherapy? 
No. Osteopathic practitioners predominantly use their hands to help restore lost health. Other modalities are used at a minimum, and exercice is often only permitted or encouraged at times when the reparative qualities of the body are strong enough to deal with that level of stimulus.
Is osteopathy opposed to drugs and surgery?
The goal of osteopathic care is to minimize the use of drugs and surgery. However, osteopathic practitioners recognise that there are certain times and situations, particularly in emergency and trauma settings, where it is absolutely indicated and necessary to use medicine or have surgery. The objective is to find the health on the patient instead of focusing on disease, and to improve the quality of life.
How can osteopathy get results without using drugs?
Osteopathic treatment works to restore proper body mechanics, nerve impulses, and circulation of the body fluids. This is nature's way of establishing health. The osteopathic treactment adjusts the relationships of all the structures of the body. This in turn, balances the body's systems of communication, defense, and repair and gives the body a fighting chance against illness of al kinds.